ALBUM REVIEW: Djaji Prime exemplifies honesty on commendable debut


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The album is by no means excellent, but it's equally not even remotely bad. Music lovers always fancy themselves music-makers; we all had a music maker phase, but music isn't for everyone. What you just read is the default judgmental tendency, peculiar to every music lover; the cynicism that sometimes leads us astray. In a way, it's also propelled by ego and the feeling that we cannot be surprised by a lot of things. Well, oops, joke's on me. Cynicism ti lazdent. When I saw that Djaji made music, I didn't know what to think. One thing , however, was certain - he knows music and he has good taste in music. But that also heightened my fears. Music from people who like and know music is either really good or incredibly parched - no middle grounds. The truth is, some of us actually do have a talent for and a future in music. While Djaji's debut is by no means remotely perfect, it's a commendable effort. While the mixing is not always the best, being a Travis Scott head, you feel the sonic experimentation with sound warping and layered voicing on some of the tracks, which saved the album from being exposed. If I had two cents, I'd bet that Djaji was as much a part of the production and mixing as Charlie X and the mixer.  Before we go ahead, whoever this woman or women is/are, you didn't win. Like Adele, Djaji gave us an album. Here's looking at you... From the 'Ex' in the album title, it feels like we're about to get some catharsis.