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Check out these 7 date ideas that won't take you out of your house

Spending time at home with the boo sometimes beats hanging out. And this is not just because of Netflix and chill. It's OK if you think 'outdoor activities' and 'social gatherings' when you hear the word 'date.' You're not alone in that regard as many [rightly] associate dates with going out than staying at home. Of course, there are loads of fun places to see if you indeed want to go out, but on some days when all you want to do is stay home with bae, you shouldn’t have to worry about being bored or not having much to do. And as always, Pulse Relationships got you covered. Here are homey date ideas you should definitely try soon. Happiness is free And you can find it right at home with your partner. 1. Board games...

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Here are 7 relatable reasons why people remain in bad marriages

Explaining the logical, relatable reasons why bad marriages continue to 'thrive'. Every marriage has its own problems - from the little infrequent issues, to the huge recurring ones that give partners serious headaches. For people in joyless and seemingly-irredeemable marriages, the obvious option would be to seek a way out and look for happiness elsewhere, but as experience has taught, many people in such situations often choose to stay right in the marriage. Here are six common reasons why they do this: 1. The hope of change Many people remain with husbands and wives who do not treat them right in the hope that they'd change at some point and this is actually a great reason. But the question is; do bad habits die easy? Some stay in marriages for the kids. Many times, this is the case. [Cre...

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Major health stories last week

Hospital cuts prices for key medical services, new appointments, study results made the headlines in the week The post Major health stories last week appeared first on Premium Times Nigeria.

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Psychiatrist recommends early treatment of mental ailment

Dr Shehu Sale, a Consultant Psychiatrist, has advised Nigerians to report persons with mental ailment early at recognised health facilities. Sale, who is also the Medical Director of Federal Neuro Psychiatric Hospital (FNPH), Kware, Sokoto State, gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday in Sokoto. The psychiatrist said that early report and diagnosis of mental ailments would help to curtail the number of rising cases in the country. He pointed out that mental cases were on the increase in the country because they were hardly reported at the right hospitals and at the right time as most people patronised traditional healers first. According to Sale, mental cases can be easily controlled if such cases are taken to the right hospitals in good time for proper diagnosis and treatment. READ ALSO: Day Corona tackled child’s mental health, depression Sale, who is also an associate professor and master trainer with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), decried the stigma associated with mental health, saying it discourages people from seeking medical help. He said that plans were underway to establish a family health clinic to address stigma with an aim to reduce stigma and other associated public perceptions in relation to mental h...

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The aesthetics of allyship, how veteran Nigerian designer Mai Atafo is marrying gender politics and fashion

On a Thursday afternoon, ensconced at his Lekki studio, Mai Atafo is in his element at a fitting for his upcoming collection for Autumn/Winter 19. Dressed in an over-sized utility jacket and jeans, Mai Atafo is uncharacteristically dressed down and the off-duty Mai is just as striking as his suave alter-ego. With just over half of his collection done, Mai is in understandably high spirits. Known for his impeccable work ethic, it comes as no surprise that two weeks to showtime, Mai is right on track. His methodical approach to creating and his attention to detail are refreshing. In an industry that thrives off the thrill of last minute, to see a creative pace himself and put thought into every detail, it’s clear that we are in the presence of someone who has mastered his craft.  In the studio Two statuesque fit models. Jazzy and Natasha, strut through the studio in a series of outfits as his team work together seamlessly to finalise the looks. The whole proce...

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ICRC trains Journalists on humanitarian reporting, first aid

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) held three-day media workshop and first aid for Journalists in Lagos recently. At the training, Journalists were among other things taught on International Humanitarian Law (IHL), humanitarian reporting and first aid training which included how to manage themselves and others injured causalities at sites in the course of their duty or elsewhere. The ICRC Public Relations Officer, Aliyu Dawobe, said objective of the training is to relate with Journalists and to remind them much more on humanitarian reporting angles so that they would be able to report in a way that considers the humanitarian angle of the news. “Also considering the fact that the media works in violence affected areas, we have trained them to be more prepared on how to provide first aid for themselves and people around them when something happens that has to do with blast or building collapse, so that they will be able to manage themselves and help communities close to them in terms of first aid. “For Journalists that reports conflicts or violence, they are bound to have issues and may come across people who are injured and they may be injured themselves, we have trained them to be able to help themselves and those around them in terms of first aid. “We have also...

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'All men cheat', 'all women like money' and other generalisations you don't need while dating

You can actually do better than these delimiting generalisations. Things like “all men cheat,” and “women only want money” are well-known mantras; generalisations that the average Nigerian has heard over and over again. Due to its repeated usage, and also because of the relationship stories you may have come across, you may be fooled into thinking that there’s a truth to these things. In reality, what you’ll find is actually a different thing altogether, and the earlier you realise this, the better for you and your relationship, be it ongoing or forthcoming. The relationship generalisations above, and the many others that you know are not exactly hasty, because truly, many experiences may have necessitated them. However, as much as we can’t discredit previous experiences people may have had in relationships, it is also not OK to be prejudiced against people in the future without even giving them a chance to express themselves....

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Gabrielle Union spotted in green jumpsuit by celebrated Nigerian designer Andrea Iyamah

Hollywood star Gabrielle Union is getting back to work after the arrival of her daughter Kaavia and she chose a stylish look by our very own Andrea Iyamah Gabrielle Union, best know for her roles in Bring it On and Being Mary Jane made a chic return to work as she attended the press junket for her latest show, LA's Finest. Pictured holding her adorable daughter, Kaavia, who arrived via surrogacy a few months ago, Gabrielle was beaming. The actress showed off her toned figure in a forest green jumpsuit by Nigerian designer Andrea Iyamah. Gabrielle paired the unique jumpsuit with a sleek bob and a pair of open-toe sandals. She struck a pose on a balcony and flashed her signature smile as she prepared to attend her event. Take your daughter to work day! @kaaviajames blessed the @lasfinesttv press junket ???????????? Wearing @andreaiyamah ???????????? We spy @gabunion in ANDREA IYAMAH IMAN JUMPSUIT!????❤️ Gabri...

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How to end rising suicide, depression cases, by SURPIN

Worried by rising suicide and depression cases in the country, the Suicide Research and Prevention Initiative (SURPIN), set up two years ago by the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), has raised alarm over the issue and called on relevant authorities to put appropriate measures in place to stop it. This was one of the high points of activities to mark the two year’s anniversary of SURPIN, which took place at LUTH, Idi-Araba. Commending SURPIN for “saving so many lives” within the two years of its existence, LUTH’s Chief Medical Director Prof Chris Bode said he was delighted for embracing the idea when it was suggested to him two years ago that suicide was becoming rampant in the country and that the teaching hospital needed to set up a structure for suicide research and prevention. “Today, we are witnessing a very good programme that has saved so many lives within a space of two years. It is cost effective. It is productive and it is being embraced by not only other institutions in our country; even international institutions outside our shores are coming to us to ask us how we did it and how we can assist,” Prof Bode said. Dr. Raphael Ogbolu, a consultant psychiatrist, who is the Coordinator of SURPIN, lamented that the country does not have any structured suicide prevent...

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Androcare: we’ve taken fertility cure to everyone’s doorstep

From conception to delivery, it was a seamless process. This was because the idea that gave birth to Androcare Fertility Centre (AFC) was properly distilled in clarity of purpose. Unlike the usual practice of concentrating fertility treatment hospitals in highbrow areas to cater primarily for the moneyed elites, Androcare decided to pitch its tent with the masses by building an ultra-modern fertility treatment hospital in Akowonjo, a Lagos suburb. A risky venture, especially given the massive investment involved, but Dr. Adeleke Daramola, Androcare medical director, said it was a conscious decision to take fertility treatment to the doorstep of everybody; instead of concentrating all the energy, expertise and resources on the affluent alone. The decision was taken six years ago, and it seems to have paid off with success stories of people who have bought into Androcare’s goals to “help individuals, couples succeed in their attempt to have a child.” What this means, he added, is that affordability without compromising quality is a component of service package on offer at the hospital. “Androcare is a centre for those on the streets not only for the rich. By this, what we mean is that we do not want IVF to be only for the rich. Everybody should have access. We know IVF is an expens...

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Zinc: An element with numerous health benefits

A trace element necessary for a healthy immune system, zinc helps to stimulate the activity of about 100 enzymes in human body. A lack of zinc can make a person more susceptible to diseases and illnesses, writes VINCENT IKUOMOLA For Aminatu Abubakar, a grandmother, it would have been a double jeopardy if she had lost her grandchild to diarrhea. Her daughter died when the baby was just five months, leaving the child as a source of consolation to her. Another tragedy also struck when the child became sick as a result of zinc deficiency. Abubakar said: “He was having diarrhea and I tried using traditional medicine. But unfortunately, it did not work. I then decided to try the hospital. When I took him to the hospital where Plan International is implementing the project, many people thought he would not survive because his body was very weak. The nurse was angry with me for not coming to the hospital early, and that the child was already in a terrible condition.” But the boy survived. He was placed on zinc supplement, as directed by the physician, and the diarrhea stopped almost immediately. “When I continue giving the child the supplement, I discovered that his body began to change. I then took him back to the hospital and showed the nurse the level of improvement,” she said. Abubak...

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Your choice of family planning (3)

Last week, I informed you of what you should look for before you decide on a particular family planning method. In this week, I will take you along as we discuss the various family methods that are currently available. I will also point your attention to those methods that are in common use in Nigeria. Natural methods: The most effective family method that never fails is abstinence from sex. You cannot be pregnant if you don’t have sex barring medical intervention, such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in-vitro fertilisation (IVF). Advantage of abstaining from sex is that you do not need to take any medication and you have nothing to worry about.  Further, this method is compliant with almost all known mainstream religious doctrines and Nigerian cultures. Next in line is Billings or Calendar method. This method is for those who are looking to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy by monitoring their time of ovulation. The problem with this method is that couples especially women may not be able to accurately determine their menstrual cycle to help them calculate the fertile or ovulation period. The advantage though is that there is no medication to take and this method is acceptable to some religious authorities such as the Catholic Church. Still on natural method, is the Lactatio...

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Easter 2019 : Stigmata, a closing event of Golgotha

Every easter season, I strive to deepen some of my recognitions of the high mission of Jesus of Nazareth, Son of God, to an earth still engulfed in darkness at the approach of a final judgement. Before I proceed, I wish to state that my focus is on STIGMATA and STIGMATISTS. Stigmata are those wound marks of the Lord, as He hung on the cross, which appear on some people, especially stigmatists, periodically, year round or during easter seasons. Stigmatists are people on whose bodies these wound marks appear. So painful are the wound marks and bleeding that medications to stop them worsen the conditions. Some stigmatists are whipped by unseen hands. Some of them hear strange voices.When they are studied and relay the words  they hear, language experts suggest this was the language spoken in the Golgotha region at the time of the crucifixion of Jesus. In the 1970s and 1980s in eastern Nigeria, some stigmatists were sighted and sent to Rome. Generally speaking, christiandom would appear not to understand stigmata and the stigmatist. In Rome, Christians troop to them to touch them or to pray before them, believing that these men were specially favoured  by The Almighty Creator to bear the wound marks of Jesus on the cross. They do not ask themselves how a God of PEACE, LOVE and JUSTIC...