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‘Cancer can be treated, managed locally’

The CEO/Chief Consultant, Olaking International Holistic Medicine Company (OIHM), Dr. Olawale Qazeem has achieved modest success in managing patients suffering from Cancer, HIV, Diabetes, Tuberculosis, etc. In this interview with Omolara Akintoye, the University of Ilorin graduate of Medicine and Indian-trained medical personnel shares insight on local expertise available in the management and treatment of debilitating ailments like cancer, which leads to loss of foreign exchange for the country. Excerpts HIGH blood pressure and Diabetes are two public health challenges which affect a large population of the society. How do you manage patients suffering from the above mentioned disease conditions? Diabetes and hypertension are two silent killers that pose a significant health challenge. These diseases have hit an all-time high in some developed and developing nations of the world, ranking high as one of the causes of mortality. We take pride in the fact that our protocols for hypertension and diabetes are safe, reliable and research-based. When patients with diabetes and high blood pressure come to us for treatment, we carry out standard tests, check the organs and pinpoint any marker that might indicate the presence of the diseases. We instruct them on why they need to alter the...

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Nutrition as your recipe for good health (1)

Human beings and animals derive their entire make-up (constituents of their body) from one source: all of our tissues, muscles, organs and so on, are derived from the earth. That is to say, what is found in us is also found on the earth that you stand on. The make-up of the earth is also our make-up. Your table salt (sodium chloride), zinc, water (H2O), sulphur, ammonia, protein, fat, vitamins, nitrogen, oxygen and so forth that make up our tissues and body are all from the earth. This is why when a person dies, he or she simply split up into these different chemicals and return to the earth from where those chemicals came from originally. The cycle of earth replenishment continues and fertility of earth to feed earth inhabitants goes on as a result. This is the reason that if the earth is polluted, our food, air and water get polluted; then our body gets polluted and then we fall ill as a result.  We then fall ill because we may have eaten the food that our body needs that is now polluted for us. If the air gets polluted, the air that we breathe in is polluted and our tissues and organs get “polluted” and we fall ill. The same thing goes for water, which is crucial for our survival. There are various ways by which our food and water may be polluted: 1. (a) chemical pollution, wh...

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‘No nation has ever developed without science’

In the history of humanity, no nation has ever developed without science and technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, minister of science and technology, has said. He spoke during a working visit to the Nigeria Natural Medicine Development Agency (NNMDA) in Lagos. Onu said because the Federal Government recognised that science, technology and innovation are vital to nation building, it would continue to pump money into agencies that can help the country to improve the quality of life, solve health problems and improve on health service delivery. By doing this, Onu said the country would solve problems of unemployment and poverty in the country. He lamented that many products imported into the country could be produced locally, adding that a reversal of this trend would provide jobs, empower people and boost the economy at the household and national levels. During the visit, the minister launched the NNMDA’s five-year strategic plan, which is a roadmap on how the agency could help the nation produce herbal products for local consumption as well as export. He also inaugurated other projects, including a multi-purpose hall, which the agency said will be useful for in-house training besides being a source of internal revenue generation. An elated minister said he was happy that the NNMDA had m...

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Doctors bemoan state of public hospitals

Medical experts have lamented the poor facilities and inefficient service delivery in public hospitals in the country. They decried the high cost of treatment in the hospitals. The medical gurus included the co-founder of Eko Hospital, Dr. Sonny Kuku; the Group Managing Director of First Foundation Medicals, Dr. Tosin Ajayi, and Lagos State Commissioner for Health Dr. Jide Idris. They spoke at the third reunion meeting of the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University OAU) 1981 medical set. Ajayi noted that people were running away from tertiary hospitals that were first choice of foreign patients. He said most of the hospitals lack potable water and functional toilets, lamenting that government now spends less on health. “If you don’t improve on healthcare delivery, you can’t improve on the economy; the intelligence we have today cannot cope with quality,” he said. He advised that government should fix the primary healthcare system that serves the large segment of the populace. He added that statistics has shown that about 33 per cent of the children are immunised yearly. Kuku said people travel abroad for medical check-up because they have lost confidence in the facilities available in the local hospitals. He called for massive refurbishment of public hospitals. Besides,...

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How to take Lagos health sector to next level, by experts

During a study tour of health facilities in Lagos State, senior executive course participants of the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS) interacted with stakeholders on how to improve the sector. They commended the state government for making its health insurance scheme mandatory for all residents, reports Associate Editor ADEKUNLE YUSUF. Amid the hustle and bustle in Lagos, the delegation  of some senior executive course participants of the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS) arrived  the state  on a study tour of its health sector. The visitors were all united with a mission – how to help the country evolve the best funding arrangement that can make universal healthcare coverage a reality. In Lagos, the delegation’s first port of call was the state secretariat in Alausa, where key stakeholders and heads of strategic institutions in the state health sector had converged to brief the visiting public policy experts. The tour was facilitated by NIPSS, in collaboration with the Development Research and Project Centre, (DRPC) through Partnership for Advocacy in Child and Family Health at Scale ([email protected]). During the one-week study tour, the delegation visited the Lagos State UniversityTeaching Hospital (LASUTH) and some primar...

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Pharma expo seeks national sufficiency in medicine production

THis year’s Nigeria Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Expo (NPME 2019), organised by the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Group of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (PMG-MAN), is poised to reverse the dependence on imported medicines. The NPME 2019, billed to hold from August 28 to 29, at the New Haven in Ikeja GRA, Lagos, seeks to address the dwindling fortunes of the drug manufacturing industry to achieve medicine security. This was the thrust of an address by Dr. Fidelis Ayebae, chairman of NPME 2019, at a press conference to herald the event. If this year’s objective is met as envisaged, it will further empower the local pharmaceutical manufacturing industry with the technical capability and expertise to produce high quality, safe and affordable medicines in the country, he stressed. The founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fidson Healthcare Limited noted that the expo would also showcase local drug manufacturers, and serve as an avenue to bring in new technologies to help pharmaceutical industries upgrade their practices and technologies. “The fake drugs in Nigeria go between two to three per cent and they are mainly imported drugs. There is no single locally-manufactured drug that is fake. That is why the only panacea for fighting fake drug is to develop and support local...

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Ogbomoso elite rise to fight drug abuse

With a 23 per cent drug abuse prevalence rate, according to a recent national drug use survey, Oyo is one of the states in dire need of multi-pronged actions by all segments of the society to curb the menace. Realising that the task of reversing the ugly trend is so huge that it cannot be left to the government and its agencies alone, a group of community leaders, under the umbrella of Ogbomoso First Community Initiative (O First Group), has taken up the fight against drug abuse in the ancient town and its environs. The group members are all accomplished men and women who are fired by their patriotic instincts to help their community in the face of rising spate of all manners of anti-social behaviors manifesting in the country, especially the festering vices of internet fraud, armed robbery, rape, political thuggery, and abuse of drugs. To this end, members of the group assembled in Ogbomoso last weekend, drawing along their influential friends, to inaugurate the Behavioural Anonymous Centre at Oke-Anu, Ogbomoso. It is a modest facility that will serve as a rehabilitation centre for people who abuse drugs, especially the young people in Ogbomoso and its environs. The promoters have chosen to tag it a correctional centre, but they said they want it to mould behaviours in an anonym...

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‘Psychotic disorders high in Oyo’

Findings of a new study have shown that rates of psychotic disorders. such as schizophrenia, are higher in Oyo State than expected. This is one of the new discoveries in a study that investigated risk factors and health needs associated with mental disorders on an international scale. Researchers at the University of Ibadan (UI), in collaboration with their colleagues at the King’s College London, United Kingdom, conducted the study. Their latest study revealed that rates of psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia in Ibadan were higher than expected based on previous international research (29.1 per 100,000 person-years, which was higher than in India and Trinidad, the other two sites in the study). Psychotic disorders are conditions in which people experience symptoms such as hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that are not there) and false thoughts or beliefs (delusions). These disorders usually begin at a young age, when people are in their twenties, and can cause long term distress and disability. According to the findings, almost 90 per cent of cases of psychosis identified by the team in Ibadan received a diagnosis of schizophrenia. The researchers also found that the majority of people with psychotic disorders were accessing care through traditional healers, and a t...

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Ebube Nwagbo is Camosunate brand ambassador

TO commemorate the World Malaria Day, Geneith Pharmaceutical Nigeria Limited has named Nollywood star and movie producer Ebube Nwagbo a Camosunate brand ambassador. Camosunate, an anti-malaria brand, is marketed in Nigeria by Geneith. “I am proud to be the ambassador of the best malaria brand currently in the market. Camosunate is the way to go in rubbishing the scourge of malaria,” Nwagbo said. The company, in a statement by Emeka Nwachukwu, the company’s assistant general manager (Sales and Marketing), said it is optimistic that with Camosunate, which is approved by National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), sufferers of malaria now have a credible  and effective alternative in the battle against the disease. It described Camosunate as ‘menace to malaria and salvation to malaria suffers.’

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Death begins slowly, but surely in the intestine

Death begins slowly, but surely in the intestine…This was my message last Friday to green pasture herbs chat group, of which I am a member. It invited attention to the latest post in www.olufemi titled: ‘Constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and co travellers’. In the post on this forum and in that on www.olufemi, I mentioned a chat which Mrs Sola Sowemimo, a member of this platform, gave to me as a gift when she returned from a conference in Mexico held by an organisation called CANCER DEFEATED. I said the chat was in agreement with the one released by British surgeons about two decades ago with the warning that… DEATH BEGINS SLOWLY BUT SURELY IN THE INTESTINE. That warning suggested also that many children of today may not survive their parents because they ate largely killer foods. That chat has made the rounds in many medical literature since then. At the request of some members of the platform to have an idea of what the chart looks like, I decided to publish it in The Nation where the article on constipation first appeared, since there may be many people who read it, who may also wish to know what the chart looks like. The chart gift by Mrs Sowemimo agrees also with that in the book titled: ‘THE MIRACLE OF FASTING’ by Paul C. Bragg and his dau...

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Strike: Anambra doctors shun Obiano’s offer

Striking resident doctors of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University Teaching Hospital (COOUTH), Awka Anambra State, on Wednesday, rejected the minimum wage offer by Governor Willie Obiano. They said there was no going back on the indefinite strike action embarked upon on May 13, 2019. President of the association, Dr. Obinna Aniagboso, who conveyed the governor’s message to his members during its congress meeting in Awka, said the governor offered to pay them the newly approved minimum wage. He said, “The governor said the wage will amount to N12, 000 increment to all Anambra State civil servants as soon as the national guidelines were released. According to Aniagboso, the governor had expressed dissatisfaction with the poor payment of salaries, admitting it was due to low Internally Generated Revenue (IGR). He said the governor promised to revisit resident doctors’ salaries issue next year when the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) might have increased. The visibly angry members who were already on top of their voices shouting, expressed shock and disappointment at the minimum wage offer. They wondered why doctors in the hospital should suffer continued neglect, insisting that full payment of their salary should commence from April 2019, as agreed to by govern...