Chapped lips, whites, cracked heels, schitzophrenia (1)


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We live in a world of QUESTIONS and ANSWERS. If there were no questions and answers, there would be no airplanes and airports, motor cars, radio and television stations and skyscrapers, to mention a few of the gains of the spirit of adventure and enquiry. Some readers of this column often ask me why this page is short on questions and answers. I reply that many of the enquiries end up in those long essays they find there every Thursday. I cannot deny, though, that the mail box does not always run over, despite responses to enquiries on telephone, text messages, Whatsap and on Facebook.The column of today is an attempt, therefore, to kill many birds with one stone. It is a reminder  of our CLINIC DAY of old in which answers were provided to questions… & Chapped lips Many people, especially men, do not bother about their lips. Women do. I grew up to imagine that European women were born with natural red lips. Even when at 14 in high school, I heard the song. It was much, much later when the lips of Nigerian women began to become red that I knew there was something called LIP STICK. Even when at 14 in high school  I heard the song Lucky Lips in which the singer said… “lucky lips are always kissing, lucky lips are never blue”,  I thought kissing and kisses made the lips of European women red, if they were not reddened from the womb and had thought kissing made women’s lips red. I did not find Nigerians kissing. So, I thought, again, kisses made those lips red. By the time I knew of the lipstick, I knew it was a weapon in the sex appeal paraphernalia of women. Much, much later, still, I learned the lipstick was also meant to protect the lips from chaffing, chapping, blistering, cracking and from breaking down into those other unsightful presentations you may be familiar with. The lipstick is still in vogue despite increasing awareness that many of them are constituted with dangerous substances, some of which are so toxic that they may cause cancer. The culprits among them are brands with the longest shelf lives on the lips. I pity women who paint their lips with them because they swallow some of the paint when they eat, however, they masterly try to avoid doing so, if you clandestine observe them over a meal. Some women have gone overboard. Their lipstick colour must watch their dress, bags and shoes … and perhaps their briefs. I was lucky to marry a woman who was not into lipstick culture. I began to show more than passing interest in the lips when my wife pointed out to me my bad habit about my lower lip. Everyone has his or her bad habits about practically everything, while some people pick their noses with their fingers and in public, I indulged in peeling off the top layer of my chapped lips. This habit was so bad and frequent that it sometimes caused one uproar or another. Here is what I cannot deny I  do because, sometimes , the lip may bleed or spot a healing  sore. I got tired of hearing…”so, you’ve done it again”, a gentle, loving corrective pat on the offending hand. I had to find a solution to the problem and the habit which accompanied it. I shared my experiences with an enquirer who was faced with this challenge, as I am doing here as well. I found that the lips are no different from the skin anywhere in the body. When they are rough, scaly, peeling or insightly, they are either dehydrated or are unprotected from a harsh environment or reporting to us underlying nutritional deficiencies or health challenges becoming inside the body. There are many home remedies one may call up for rescue work. There are many good proprietary products which do the work as well, if not better, specially outdoor. The first step is to drink enough clean, alkaline water every day, take the daily requirement of a good zinc supplement as zinc is required for more than 200 purposes in the body, including prostate gland health, fertility, good health, fertility, good vision, hair skin and nail health. Foods and proprietary products which contain silica are also. Licking of the lips should be discouraged. It may worsen dehydration by the weather. Breathing through the mouth may cause infections in the oral cavity which may impact on the lips. The lips may profit from natural moisturizers and antimicrobials such as aloe vera, cucumber, honey, coconut oil, almond oil, shea butter and bees wax, to mention a few. Aloe vera is moisturising, anti- inflammatory, anti-microbial and exfoliating. Cucumber is about 90 percent, contains vitamin c for collagen formation. Collagen holds the cells and tissue together, preventing sags, cracks and shapelessness. Its caffeic acid provides anti-oxidant protection against free radical damage. The juices of these natural substances are left on for some time and then rinsed off. But the oils may be left on for as long as possible. To care for my lips outdoor and overnight, I adopted two proprietary products. One is aloe vera-based. The other is bee wax based. I do not...