Check out 5 of your favourite celebrities who are actually trained lawyers


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Here are some of your favourite celebrities who actually studied law. The entertainment industry is filled with not just super amazing talents but a lot of well-educated stars. In a country like Nigeria where education is seen as a norm, it is only normal to see a lot of your favourite celebs with not just degrees but some from prestigious ivy league schools. For this piece, we will be looking at those celebs in particular, who studied law while in the university. Don't get it twisted, these guys didn't abandon law for entertainment rather it was more like passion. These celebrities have not only become experts in the different spheres of entertainment but have become household names. Maybe if they had stuck to law, we wouldn't have known these amazing talents. So guys, today we would love to share with you five celebrities who are actually trained, lawyers. 1. Richard Mofe-Damijo Richard Mofe Damijo studied Law at the University of Benin back in 1997 [Facebook/RMD] For years to come, the entertainment world will continue to talk and sing the praises of Richard Mofe-Damijo for his outstanding and yet to be rivaled acting career. We feel like every born in the 80s, 90s, and 2000s can relate to this amiable man. RMD, as he is fondly called, has starred in so many movies, we have lost count. Richard Mofe-Damijo later went on to become a commissioner of culture and tourism in Delta state [Instagram/RichardMofeDamijo] Just so you know, even though the Delta state born actor and politician initially studied Theatre Arts, he later went back to the University of Benin where he bagged a Law degree. Richard Mofe-Damijo at some point took a break from acting and romanced with politics for a while by becoming a Commissioner of Culture and Tourism in his home state, Delta. 2. Funke Akindele Funke Akindele studied Law at the University of Lagos [Instagram/FunkeJenifaAkindele] Just in case you are thinking we made an error by adding Funke Akindele on this list then you've got to read this till the end. Funke Akindele first shut into the limelight in the late 1990s in the famous TV drama series 'I Need To Know.' Then came her major break in 2009 when she released the movie 'Jenifa,' which has remained of the biggest movies from this part of the world. Funke Akindele first came into limelght in the late 1990s tv drama series 'I Need To Know' [Instagram/FunkeJenifaAkindele] Funke Akindele initially studied Mass Communication at the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic before gaining admission to the University of Lagos where she studied Law. Yes! There you have it, your favourite actress 'Jenifa' is a trained lawyer. Even though she isn't addressed as a barrister, we think it would be really cute to address her as 'Barrister Funke Akindele-Bello.' What do you think? 3. Falz Folarin Falana Falz studied law at the University of Reading in the United Kingdom [Instagram/FalzTheBadtGuy] They say a fruit does not fall far from the tree so it's no surprise that Falz Falana actually turned out to be a lawyer. Falz' dad, Femi Falana SAN, is not just one of the most prominent lawyers in Nigeria but also a force to reckon with in the polity of the country. Falz gained a lot of popularity a few years ago when he first started with his short skits on social media then his music career began to gain a lot of momentum. Falz is the son of legal luminary, Femi Falana SAN [Instagram/FalzTheBadtGuy] It didn't take long before we got to find out that Falz was the so...