Firm unveils smart toilet fittings


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GROHE, a firm that provides bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings, has introduced a new bidet ceramic toilet seat with its popular Sensia Arena smart toilet. In a statement, GROHE President, Middle East, Africa & East Mediterranean, Renu Misra, said the bidet seat is made of sturdy duroplast and comes with the shower feature of a classic smart toilet or bidet. He said it combines modern design with functionality and leaves one feeling fresh as water is used for cleaning. The durable duroplast seat, he said, is easy to clean and can be used to upgrade any conventional toilet without having to replace the ceramic or connect it to a power source. On how to operate the bidet seat, he said it is simple and efficient with the help of a side-mounted lever, two separate shower arms, one for the ladies and a standard shower that can be controlled. He said: “The highest level of convenience and hygiene is provided by the Sensia Arena smart toilet. The strength of the water pressure, the position of both shower arms, the individually desired temperature and the type of jet can be controlled by the user.