‘Influx of foreign products killing our sector’


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The National Union of Chemical Footwear Rubber Leather and Non-Metallic Products Employees (NUCFRLANPE) has said the influx of foreign products is killing the sector, noting that about 10,000 jobs have been lost in two years. Its President, Comrade Babtunde Goke Olatunji, said the menace was affecting the manufacturing sector. He said  products from other countries, such as China, were heavily subsidised, making it possible for them to be sold at cheaper rates than local goods. Olatunji urged the Federal Government to strengthen the regulatory agencies to tackle the problem. On the high rate of unemployment, he said aside providing a conducive environment, there was the need for the government to come up with a policy that would encourage local and foreign investors. In a related event, Olatunji said maintaining gender balancing in the socio-economic and political space encouraged inclusiveness which was pivotal to our collective growth and development. In his message to mark Women’s Day, Olatunji, the Chairman, Industrial Global Union, Nigeria Chapter said: “A balanced world is a better world and as such we need to celebrate women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements and also raise awareness against biasness and discrimination along gender divide. Above all, we need to take action for gender equality. “Our patriarchal stereotype is no longer fashionable; the only difference between men and women is just biological role which thus take a dominant part of the human existence. Therefore, equality should be promoted, thus availing balance for better. “At the level of Nigeria chapter of IndustriALL Global Union, we will support any policy that promote gender balancing while also engage in advocacy towards gender balanced Nigeria. “ It, therefore, behooves on all of us here present to mount pressure on the stakeholders in the socio-economic and political space of Nigeria to ensure equality in the distribution and or allocation of resources and opportunities. “Moreover, if the above agrees with our collective consent, I therefore on your behalf appeal to our new President-elect; President Muhamadu Buhari to ensure gender-balance in constituting his cabinet while also replicating same at all levels of Government,” Olatunji said.